The UK cannabis industry is set to take off – and it’s likely to start with the country’s vibrant CBD oil market. In the UK, CBD oil is classified as a food supplement, much like the US. This classification allows the product to be sold everywhere from online to large chain groceries.

As a result, the UK CBD oil market is estimated to be worth £110 million but is expected to grow to over £1 billion in 2025. This is a huge opportunity and entrepreneurs are taking note, which is why it can seem as if every day a new CBD oil brand is launching.

But not all CBD brands are equal. The excitement around the industry has resulted in two classes of products – high quality, independent tested premium CBD oil, and misleading scams.

At Leaf Forward, we’re very excited about the UK CBD oil marketplace. And to help you navigate this new market, we wanted to share our list of the most exciting and trusted CBD oil brands in the UK.


Our Leaf Forward portfolio company, Fog, released their CBD oil capsule product in the UK last month – and we love it. The capsules are designed to promote restorative rest and relaxation, and they actually work! They’re easy to swallow and best of all, they come with a 30-day risk free trial. So if you don’t like them, they’ll give you a full refund. We can’t recommend them enough and hope you’ll try them.


In addition to many third party products, LDN CBD sells their own line of CBD oils. We’ve tried the tinctures and massage oil and can speak highly of both. Derived from Colorado hemp, we appreciate how transparent LDN CBD is with their lab reports. The only complaint we have is with the higher prices of their products.


Esenia is a relatively new addition to the CBD market. This upstart sources produces their CBD oil in Colombia, one of the best places in the world to grow cannabis. We really like the form factor of their spray – it’s an easy to use and convenient way to consume CBD. And it’s an especially great product for a CBD novice.

Disciple London

Skin care brand, Disciple London, recently released a CBD topical. Interestingly, they’ve formulated their drops to be used either topically (on the skin) or sublingually (orally). We tried it for a week topically and can say that our skin never felt better.