In September 2017, Motif Labs (then called Grow the North) participated in Canada’s first Cannabis industry business accelerator program, Leaf Forward.

Motif is a full-service cannabis and hemp extraction company, offering toll processing and white labeling services to licensed producers, retail brands and industrial hemp farmers.  Cultivators send their biomass to Motif, who convert it into highly refined oils, concentrates and white label products; such as vaporizers, tinctures, or capsules. Motif prides itself on its ability to provide clients with consistent, high quality products.

Motif’s founder, Mario Naric, participated in the one day Leaf Forward boot camp in September 2017 to deepen his industry knowledge, connect with mentors, and to build partnerships that are critical to success in the cannabis industry.  Naric was so impressed by the program that he accepted an invitation to return in January, 2018 for Leaf Forward’s first extended Accelerator program. Over the course of 6 weeks he was supported by our network of industry leaders and mentors who provided further support and resources to bolster his business.

Leaf Forward caught up with Mario to learn more about where Motif Labs is today and how his experience with Leaf Forward has impacted his business. 

Tell us about your overall experience in Leaf Forward; what did you find most valuable?

Our experience with Leaf Forward was incredibly useful. The team did a fantastic job at curating a diverse set of mentors and start-ups resulting in tremendous networking opportunities. Several of the connections formed during both the boot camp and accelerator program have been fundamental in growing and positioning Motif Labs competitively in the market. From finding the right consultants, assisting with our LP application, to introducing us to several large potential clients, the Leaf Forward program was a great springboard into the industry.

How has Motif Labs grown since its participation in the Leaf Forward Accelerator?

Motif Lab’s has raised two financing rounds since completing the Leaf Forward Program. The mentorship and opportunity to hone our story, business model and pitch were instrumental in our success on the fundraising side. We’re proud to say that we’ve raised over $6M in funds, have broken ground on construction, grown from a team of 2 to 7 and are on a clear path to revenue by Q1 2020. We continue to leverage the relationships formed through Leaf Forward.

What are some of the most valuable connections you made through Leaf Forward, any mentors that have made an impact? 

We still maintain close contact with John Prentice of Ample Organics, Greg Pantelic of Ahlot and Rachel Colic of YCreative/BOSS Ladies of Cannabis. All 3 mentors have been very generous with their time outside of the Leaf program and were formative in providing licensing, marketing, market positioning feedback and introductions to help shape and progress our vision.

Interested in joining the Leaf Forward Accelerator? Learn more and apply online.